Gwyneth Loses a Tooth


While rough housing with Norah on our bed, Gwyneth bonked herself in the mouth with her knee. Her incredibly loose tooth began bleeding and she immediately freaked out. With Jake being nauseous all day, we weren’t quite sure how this was going to play out, seeing as nothing grosses me out more than a child’s losing of a tooth. They went into the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. She did so with a complete look of horror as her and Jake tried to figure out the next best step.

“You have to pull it out.” I told Jake, as Gwyneth sit in front of the mirror. “Ok, we’ll need a paper towel for that,” he said.

Gwyneth sat patiently at the kitchen table with her mouth bleeding and a paper towel in her hand. I walked up and tried to pull it using the paper towels and managed to pull on her lip instead. Annoyed, she took the paper towel away from my hand and pulled the tooth out herself. Just like the other 2 she’s lost.

All night she said in amazement, “I can’t believe I lost my third tooth! What do you think the tooth fairy will bring me? She’s brought my money before but I wonder if she’ll bring a toy this time.”

“Wait, what? A toy?”

“Yea, you said before that sometimes tooth fairies bring toys or money.”



Tulip Photos

17854793_1511126375565239_7165236053260790015_o17880305_1511125455565331_3189824099650789323_o17880581_1511126465565230_2365825795333951797_o17917835_1511153738895836_8912237685179225507_o17917881_1511124712232072_5263289147202861481_oMOMS Club. Oh, how it holds a lot of fears and resentment from my forlorn and lonesome Reno days. For some reason (I desperately need friends), in January I decided to join the Salem MOMS club. I paid my dues and set out to become an active member in the club. I immediately read the book for the book club and knew this group would be different. The book was hilarious and totally inappropriate.

I didn’t go to the book club. I remember feeling guilty leaving Jake with the girls for the evening. And I was totally nervous about stepping into a stranger’s home and meeting new people. Time and time again I managed to miss event after event.

I have, however had an online presence and connected with a few of the women. One of who’s husbands has cancer. We’ve kept in touch and checked in on each other (her more than I) and we both happened to finally meet up at the Tulip Festival. One other woman was there during the beginning of the day but had to leave for the afternoon. This left the Natasha and I the entire morning getting to know each other as our little girls played in the tulips.

She also happened to take awesome photos while we were there.

It was refreshing for the soul to connect with someone in more ways than one.



Thursday is for Peeps & No Pants

Today begun with Gwyneth being sent off to school. Because I was in Norah’s bed where I had migrated to during the night I woke up to Chris waking up Gwyneth for school, . Of course I had no pants on. I had to perfectly time getting out of bed when Chris was in the bathroom getting Gwyneth ready. The morning was a relaxing few hours as Jake, Norah and I vegged about the living room and Chris contemplated leaving to Bill’s. It had seemed like a grand plan when we made it two days ago. Then Wednesday happened. A palliative care appointment wiped Jake and my asses out, thanks to the killer three hours of driving it took to get to and from it. Not to mention the blood sugar debacle that left Jake an argumentative lethargic mess with me to pick up the pieces. I took a four hour nap once I got Jake to take his insulin, he napped and came through the other side a reasonable human being.

It was a bad day.

Today, on the other hand, went so well that I told Chris he could confidently go to Bill’s.

And then we rocked the damn day.


Norah and I went to Target and Jake went downtown to shop for an outfit for our photo shoot this Friday.


Norah drove a hard bargain today. “Just Target.” And then she demanded a smoothie. IMG_0371

Then we got an Easter package from my mom.

We had pizza for dinner, I was a tyrant with bath/bed time and tucked those kids into bed at 8:30 pm sharp.

Boom, baby.


A Full Tuesday

Who knows what it was. Maybe the fact that it was the first night in a week Norah slept through the night. Maybe it was the high of having a few uneventful days in a row. Whatever the reason, I woke up with a bee in my bonnet this morning and busted out a lovely, most-normal Tuesday to happen for as long as I can remember.

First, we began with getting Gwyneth off to school. Then Norah and I set off to our first outing with the MOMS club I signed up for months ago. Luck would have it, that today’s event was at the tulip farm. It was perfect weather, dry, not overcast and chilly enough for coats. IMG_0319IMG_0322

The two other women who made it to the event had girls Norah’s age. They tromped around the fields, played on everything imaginable and had a great time. IMG_0326IMG_0334IMG_0344

Then we went and picked Gwyneth up from school. Not before Norah made me put her makeup on, as promised earlier that morning. Eyeshadow and shiny lipgloss were my doing, the tiara was all hers. Jake even joined us for school pickup!IMG_2885As Jake napped and Chris ran to pickup some running shoes, the girls and I threw together dinner. Gwyneth got really into things as she mixed the cheese sauce for the mac and cheese. IMG_9303IMG_9306IMG_9313IMG_9315IMG_9316IMG_9322IMG_9325

She rode that high up until it came time to eat. I don’t want to talk about what happened after the buildup of setting the table and actually eating dinner.


Nothing a bit of Bobs Burger with daddy on the couch can’t fix. IMG_9330IMG_0357

By the time bath time rolled around, we were all ready for bed. Sigh, I miss days like today.


While Chris was at home tending to our daily tasks with the children we had a list of to-dos:

  • Drop off paperwork at Medical Records Office.
  • Jake labs.
  • Five Guys for lunch.IMG_0308
  • Dispensary to get Rick Simpson oils with our new fangled medical marijuana cards (not as exciting as you’d think when you get them because your husband is dying).
  • Bank
  • Gas Station
  • Home.
  • Appointment with Dr. Lackowski, the oncologist, over phone. Good news and lots of plans.
  • Argue over blood sugar.
  • Nap.IMG_0311Because of being able to do all these things and not having to worry about the girls, we got to enjoy an evening with them all that much more. All in all a great way to start the week.