Why hello there. I thought I’d drop in and write a word or two about life while Norah’s sleeping and Gwen’s currently stuffing everything she owns into a backpack she just rediscovered in her closet.

Life has been CRAZY to say the least. I completely forgot, or more like conveniently blocked, how consuming newborns can be. And then we won’t even talk about how naive I was going into the whole two kids game. I honestly tried to make it a rule not to let Gwen watch TV while I nursed Norah. After a few incidents like someone climbing up on the counter and peeing on it, I’ve changed my tune.

It’s been a humbling and trying experience that I know will get easier with time, but damn is it hard work. How have all the mothers before me not expressed complete insanity and warned the human race against having multiple children? I tell you.

So as I go downstairs to eat mickey nuggets off Gwen’s lunch plate while actively ignoring the dishes and chaos surrounding me I will leave you with this gem of a photo.¬†IMG_6119


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