Before I left work I hit Pinterest hardcore in search of preschool curriculum. Gwyneth’s daycare did a little bit of schooling and  she loved every minute of it. After a year of daycare, she was spelling her name, identifying letters, reciting nursery rhymes and drawing circles that resembled G’s.

I gathered a ton of resources and put together a few themes and worksheets and let me just say this, curriculum is no joke. I thought it’d be a piece of cake to put together a plan, you know, with a letter and number for the week, a daily craft, worksheets to accompany it all and a book or two to tie it all together. It took forever to come up with a month’s worth of ideas, and then when it actually comes time to carry it out, we’ll go through an entire week’s plan in 30 minutes. The lesson here? Pinterest doesn’t make you a teacher, no matter how convenient all the preschool printable packs and blogs complete with weekly themes are.


Regardless, Gwen really likes doing “schoolwork” as she calls it. So much so that she’s requested to do it when asked what she wanted to do for the day. While I’ve given up on the official weekly themes and letters and numbers since life has been a bit hairy around here lately, I have a couple tracing and matching worksheets I can whip out in a pinch that she enjoys.



IMG_6356They’re a fun activity that requires attention from her mother that I can give her even when that  little sister of hers is demanding to be held or fed.

Here are my favorite resources I found if you’re interested:


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