We Went To The Pumpkin Patch

There’s an awesome pumpkin patch five minutes down the road from our house. Last year they were pretty cool but this year? This year they upped their game and got even better.

Gwen enjoyed all the things they had to offer, like actually picking pumpkins from a pumpkin patch (she picked out a baby green one, of course), playing in a shed that’s full of corn, and her favorite? Riding the fake horse with a lasso. She even got to ride a real pony, which failed in comparison to the fake one with a lasso.

Norah was a two-month-old who screams instead of taking a pacifier. So naturally we were running around the pumpkin patch with a screaming baby who I actually nursed standing up for the first time, hiding out in the corner of the pumpkin patch like a boy pee’ing. It was weird and actually didn’t put her to sleep or keep her from crying for long. The only thing that worked was swaddling her and walking around in the stroller. So we did just that while Gwen had fun getting her face painted, going down slides, painting and playing with duckies.

Which is funny because you wouldn’t guess that from any of the pictures.

Anyways, good times at the pumpkin patch, good times.


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