Berries For The Birds



With the transition into her new crib and bedroom, Norah has been a bit demanding during the day. I was beginning to feel a little deflated and guilty about the lack of attention Gwen was getting until Norah decided to bless us with a nice long nap. Gwen and I boogied outside immediately where we remained for the next two hours.

She rode her tricycle around, we played catch (she actually threw and caught the ball, I was as surprised as she was), picked grapes, had a picnic lunch and then picked berries off the vines on our front fence.

I mentioned that the birds like to eat the berries and then it became an incessant, “berries for birds” conversation as she picked tiny berry after berry off the vine and put them in her bucket. They are now sitting in a dish in the middle of the front yard, with a few sunflower seeds from our sunflowers. I call it homemade bird food, but really it’s nature’s food for the birds just in a dish instead of on the things they grow from.

We shall see if the birds come to eat it from the dish or not.






As Gwen and I ate our lunch on a blanket on the lawn, she sat next to me and gave me one of her ever so sweet snuggly hugs leaving behind a fingerprint of peanut butter when she let go.

That peanut butter on my sweater was just what I needed. It was a nice little reminder that while she might be watching more tv these days, she’s still my sweet little curly haired girl who thinks no less of her mother.


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