Flu Shots, Throw Up & Car Maintenance


On Thursday night we all packed up and headed to the pediatric flu shot clinic. Leaving Norah in the car with my grandmother, jake Gwen and I went to get our flu shots. First me, then Jake and finally Gwen. She took it like a champ, no tears and when we left she totally said, “Thank you for my shot!”

Then she got a little fever and an upset stomach after drinking her milk in the morning. I totally didn’t handle the throwing up as I should have, but we all survived and everything was washed thoroughly.

This week my grandparents came up to visit from Southern California. It was nice to have them here during the day, keeping me company and playing with the girls. We see them about every 6 months and man, do I love those two and love how much they love my girls.

This weekend is slated for car fixing. not of any surprise that the shady shop who used our car for their “shuttle service” totally screwed up what they were fixing with which they have one more chance to fix. They also unbuckled our car seats and didn’t tell us?!?! Lucky Jake noticed before I put my newborn in the base and drove off. There’s a laundry list of discrepancies we’ve got against this place, Alpha Omega Tire on Prater. The sad is that they’ve worked on our cars in the past
and have had no problems until they changed managers. Suddenly they’re doing crap jobs and weird stuff. What a shame. The minute they correct their mistake we will never ever be returning.

And Pumpkin Palooza is tomorrow! Woohoo!

I must admit, after our big pumpkin week of learning at home that ended with the pumpkin patch, I kind of felt like Halloween and Fall are done. But oh it is not! We’ve really just only begun the celebrations of Fall, and we haven’t even worn our costumes yet.

So onto the next week! I’m hoping to squeeze in a play date, maybe some more naps like the hour one I got today and hopefully more of the longer sleeping from Norah. 5-6 hour stretches! Keep ’em coming sweetheart.




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