Are you tired of me talking about Pumpkinpalooza yet? I didn’t realize how obsessive I’d become about this until after the event, when family members (note the plural) asked how it went. Well good news! It was cute and fun and lived up to its charming name.

There were  carnival games where all the toddlers had to learn the difficult lesson of waiting their turn, Gwyneth was especially confused about this concept. There were funnel cakes that we enjoyed and a slew of other pumpkin related things that we just didn’t have the patience to participate in.

Small little carnivals with games are a sweet memory from my childhood and I’ve always been a tad excited to have an excuse to go to them with the kids. In fact when I had a little with Big Brothers Big Sisters I drug her to a carnival such as this one that she was way too old for just because I wanted to go so bad. She was a good sport and at least acted like she enjoyed herself, as a tween at a kiddie carnival.

 So now that Gwyneth’s an appropriate age this one did not disappoint. Better yet, the money raised goes towards a worthwhile cause, the Northern Nevada Center for Independent Living and honestly, you can’t tire of yelling “pumpkinpalooza!” along with your two year old in the car.

The End.


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