Happy Halloween

We’ve been so busy celebrating all things Fall and Halloween that by the time the actual day itself came around, I felt like we had celebrated and done Halloween five times already.

I get the feeling Gwen had the same opinion as when it came time to  put on her costume and hit the cold streets of our neighborhood that kid fought us tooth and nail down until the very moment we walked down our driveway. She of course warmed up to the event once that first piece of precious candy hit her pumpkin bucket.

Ten minutes, five houses and a few pieces of candy later  it became  apparent that Norah’s pumpkin costume was not retaining body heat as much as I had hoped.  Her and I went back home while Gwen and Jake continued on at the insistence of an excited Gwyneth.

They lasted about fifteen minutes more until coming home with a pumpkin full of candy that Gwyneth actually couldn’t eat. You see, we recently discovered little Ms. Gwen has an allergy to soy & wheat, which means no soy. Soy is in EVERYTHING including any and all Halloween candy.  So we did what any parent would do, we swapped out the good stuff with pieces of dark soy-free chocolate we found at Trader Joe’s. Lucky for us she didn’t notice or care, seeing as she wasn’t all that observant of what went in her bucket.

Now I get to stand in the corner of the laundry room with the door shut while I stuff my face with not only cereal she can’t have but also her Halloween candy. And here I was thinking life with a child with an allergy would be difficult.


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