A Little of This A Little of That

This is a blog post we’re going to call a mashup of life, because that’s how life feels nowadays. A big giant mashup of feelings accompanied by photos. Let’s just say that the question everyone’s been asking and kind of anticipating has a new answer. Emotionally I’m a wreck and I’ve just now finally come to terms with it because admitting you’re depressed is not something that should be taken lightly. I absolutely hate admitting that I’m depressed for a variety of reasons enough so that I’ve refused to accept it for about a month now. Sigh.

But fear not, I’ve got a call into my trusty and delightful therapist (that only took a month to work up the gumption to finally do) and now that I’ve admitted I need help, there’s only one way up. And also, these little girls are dependent on me and this time around I don’t have the luxury of crying and sleeping all day. But don’t you worry, the emotional eating has made up for it!

Meanwhile, life has been happening and happening it has been.


Like taking baths and sporting our robes.


And getting pretty dresses on our doorstep courtesy of our Great Grandma. I know she shouldn’t be playing in such a lovely dress but they’re meant to be worn, no?IMG_7640

Or how about some free log cabins and slides courtesy of neighbors who didn’t want them anymore?

And little girls accompanying their mother to get their hair cut into a precious little girl bob that seemed shockingly short at the time but is now the world’s most perfect haircut?



For my birthday I got me a new camera. Oh how I love that new camera and fiddling with it while pretending I know what I’m doing. One in every 50 to 100 pictures comes out all cute and I like to pretend that using aperture priority mode and messing with the ISO means I know something (when really I have no clue aside from what I’ve learned via Pioneer Woman and whatever other tutorials I come across).


IMG_7394And silly antics involving Norah’s three month birthday. You see, I’ve felt absolutely horrid that we never had any type of celebration for Norah. There wasn’t a baby shower and I had planned on having a sip and see type party upon her arrival at home. But we were so overwhelmed with the hospital visits and the whole getting a hang of nursing business that we decided to skip it.

Ever since I’ve been trying to plan some type of party in honor of Norah. A fall open house fell through because we had hopes of showing off our new backyard and that didn’t happen like we planned. And then I came up with some hair brained idea to throw Norah a three month birthday party because that means she’s not a newborn anymore and good god, those newborn days deserve to celebrated once you survive them. This idea seemed a little too far fetched to actually turn into something tangible so instead we had pink cupcakes and some balloons in Norah’s honor.

Still, it didn’t cure the little ache I have over the whole situation. Perhaps something to talk to my therapist about, eh? Or just throw that girl one hell of a first birthday party.

And such is life. Well, we’re still missing a few key events, like great grandparents visiting, Halloween tea parties, Grandma visits, etc. But those warrant their own blog posts in due time and now that the cold that made it’s way through each individual family member is on its way out that might mean more naps.  I’m hoping the precious nap times won’t be spent crying in the kitchen while shoving my face with whatever baked good might currently be taking residence in my pantry and replaced with something a little more productive? Here’s hoping!


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