A Halloween Tea Party

My girlfriend lives for Halloween. It’s her jam. A long time ago she began throwing a Halloween tea party and required us all to dress up. It has become a tradition and I’m the first to admit that Halloween is not my jam and I suck at dressing up. I think I’m being creative and clever and then nobody gets my costume. Without fail, this happens, even when I was pregnant and a pumpkin. It’s not my fault the green wig didn’t make sense to everyone else. Pumpkins have green stems people.

I digress.

 Dressing up for Kristie is something I’ll do forever, even if I never put more than a day’s effort into it and get all pissy about spending money on a costume. Because that’s what you do for friends and well, there’s no denying that the Halloween tea party is a hoot and a darn good excuse to dress up, even if you don’t want to. And I do get to dress up two little girls nowadays so it’s a good reason for them to wear their costumes one more time.




Her costume was an accused witch made from a thrift store dress and curtain and an actual noose she diligently carried around the entire party. See? Her jam.


And my costume was my lettermen’s sweater from high school. It wasn’t my fault that my everyday glasses and shoes fit the costume theme. Convenience!

Her mom was Pee Wee Herman. And I now present you with the Pee Wee installation:

Pee Wee Holds The Baby >Pee Wee Does the Dishes > Pee Wee Hangs the Witch

My Mom was there too! She was a witch/Gwyneth wrangler. She even had a fancy witchy locket.


And then there was the food, oh the gloriously delicious and creative food. No my friends, this isn’t some collection of Halloween food ideas pinned from Pinterest. This was all at one party. For reals.

I look forward to that shrimp brain all year long. Mmmmmmm. And living off of scones and lemon curd for a few days after the tea party is customary as well.

Another year, another Halloween tea party. A few friends were missed this year (love you Tessa, Emma and Tiff!) but the tradition carried on with new faces, new babies and plenty of tea. Can’t wait for next year’s!


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