Get Out The Baby Book


Norah has found her feet! It’s interesting how this little milestone feels like such a huge one. Perhaps because I’ve been watching and seeing the development and just waiting for it to happen. And then when it finally happens it’s as if I’ve been doing all the work of rapid brain development myself.

Is this what pride is?

I’ve been lucky enough to have parents who have relayed their pride in me my entire life. Came in 5th place at the track meet? So proud! Graduated high school? Proud! College? Proud! Married? Proud! You get the point. My parents are constantly rooting for me and have done a damn good job of letting me know this. As a matter of fact I sent my mom an article I wrote the other day. She replied with a request for the actual magazine because she couldn’t print out the online version. Proud, even at the age of 29!

So I guess this is the budding beginnings of a mother’s unabashed pride in her daughter.

Discovered your feet? PROUD!


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