Gwyneth likes to read. On occasion you can find her tucked away somewhere in the house reading books by herself. You can also find piles of books splayed across the floor throughout the house as she likes to fling books with a flourish when finished reading them. We’re working on the whole concept of picking things up. IMG_7793

It’s super cute now that we can understand what she’s saying. We’re always a little surprised by Gwyneth when she does things that make us wonder if she’s a genius (as all biased parents want to believe their child is) or if she’s a normal 2 year old  (we don’t really have any other 2 year olds around for reference).

Reading is one of those things.

While I realize she’s not exactly reading quite yet, she does have books memorized to a T. She’ll be reading out loud verbatim from the actual book, days after we’ve read them to her. It’s pretty wild. Just today she pulled out a book from a shelf we hadn’t read in awhile and asked to read it by saying it’s title, “In My Ocean.” Not the dolphin book or ocean book, the exact title. Crazy kid.

IMG_7795Genius or regular it’s pretty neat to hear a little girl voice reciting Dr. Seuss lines from the other room.



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