Remember: Sensory Bins Are Really Just Rice In a Bin

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If you have a child and you’re on the internet, I can assume you’ve seen something about a sensory bin. Here’s the perfect example, Sensory Bin boards on Pinterest.

This is one of the many examples of how the current state of the internet can be both a blessing and a pitfall.

The sensory bin as moms on the internet like to call a plastic storage container with rice in it isn’t exactly a revolutionary idea. You can substitute rice for beans, corn, oats, leaves, etc. Put some spoons and cups in there and you’ve got yourself entertainment for the kiddos. I told my mom about this new fangled great idea and she said, “well, yea, what do you think we did?”

Google it or search it on Pinterest and you’ve got yourself feelings of inadequacy and the need to rush to Dollar Tree to spend $20 on festive crap to make a themed bin.

I’ve spent weeks pinning sensory bin ideas. I’ve talked about buying rice and a bin for awhile and finally got around to it to have it sit in my closet for a week. I needed to dye the rice get trinkets for a theme before Gwen could play with it.

That was until I realized this was silly. Just give the kid some rice to play with. Gwen needs to work on her colors since she only knows orange as of now, so I figured we’d start with red. One trip through her toy bins and I came out with all sorts of red stuff. The next thing you know I have me a red themed sensory bin.

The moral of the story? The internet is great for ideas, i.e give your kid a bin full of rice. But it also comes with far too many ideas that create the dilemma of perfection and not thinking for yourself, or at least that’s what happens to me. Seeing someone else’s perfectly themed sensory bin made me think about recreating that exact idea instead of using my head to come up with ideas on my own, like the red bin. Elmo is red, most toys sitting around our house are red. And on and on.

For example, the rest of the day my mind was geared towards red themed thinking and check it out. Red water and glasses? Got our science teaching out of the way.

Red CraftRed bingo dabber up in the house? Instead of running upstairs to print out whatever dot-a-dot printable I could get I just drew circles. Fine motor skills- BAM!

Spaghetti and Watermelon in a red bowl? Fed the kid while on theme! Bing bang boom.

Spaghetti + Watermelon = Red Lunch

Blog posts like this are lousing all over the internet (see here). Preschool themes are not hard to come by. I’ve been researching them for awhile and have tripped myself up far too many times by thinking I need to put a ton of effort and planning into it. Then one day I decided to do what I could with what I had and we had more of a themed day than when I tried to plan one out.

Now, how do I get her to stop saying that red is green every time I ask her what color something red is?


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