This week has been pretty neat. It’s involved us getting out of the house and playing with new friends (thanks Dana!), snow, rolling over, sleeping through the night and Starbucks to name a few highlights.

With Gwen’s allergies we have basically adopted the paleo diet and phased out all bread products from the house. Bread, cereal, crackers, cereal, pizza, chicken nuggets, noodles you name it. Gone gone gone. My entire sustenance is based off of wheat and carb foods so this is quite the adjustment for me. All was fine and dandy until I wanted a piece of toast this morning. The oatmeal didn’t carb the craving, the banana didn’t carve the craving and the only way out of this situation is a complicated oat flour pancake recipe. It should be noted the oat flour pancakes are delicious, they just require cooking oatmeal, separating eggs, whipping egg whites and THEN making the pancakes. The dishes used for this is also a little bit of a chore. Yea, not in the mood for that today.

So we hopped in the car and headed to Starbucks, the only drive thru option where I can get a donut (totally necessary) and Gwen something that’s not a french fry (a cup of milk). So I threw the kids in the car, replaced my robe with a jacket and we were off. And my goodness, was it ever refreshing. Like in a ridiculous way. Norah didn’t cry for once and Gwen and I were both just so relieved to be out of the house I drove an extra block down the road and peeked at some Christmas decorations. Which have you priced those lately? We’ve never bought a single Christmas decoration and this year I thought hey! Let’s do this. And then I discovered a snowman is like $100?! I mean, the people down the street have $500 worth of inflatables in their yard. What an investment, I tell you.

So anyways, it’s been a good day! Hope you’re having one too.


This shot courtesy of Gwen. She’s into taking her own pictures lately.


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