Grateful for: Allergies

IMG_7925Tis the season for gratitude.

Every time I’ve thought about writing blog posts about what I’m thankful for I suddenly feel like an 8-year-old at the Thanksgiving table. You know, when you were asked what you were thankful for and you panicked, looked around the room and proudly announced you were thankful for your mom? Like that. Not that I’m not thankful for my mom, that’s just obvious. There has got to be some deeper and less obvious things I’m grateful for, I’ve just had to think on it.

Like Gwen’s allergies for instance. A seemingly bothersome advancement in our lives that has kind of turned out to be a blessing in disguise. Since the number one question we get asked is how did we figure it out, I’ll give the whole story.

It all started with a rash. A rash that took residence around her mouth about a year ago. The diagnosis was eczema, which seems to be the pediatrician’s diagnosis for anything skin related. Typically he’s right. But after a year of applying steroid cream to the rash we began to notice 1.) it never went away and 2.) certain things would aggravate it and other parts of her body as well.

So while we were at Norah’s well-baby checkup I had the doctor look at Gwen’s rash again and explained the situation. After a lengthy discussion on true medical vs. voodoo holistic allergists we left with a referral to a medical allergist.

One month later Jake and Gwen popped in for what we thought was going to be a quick allergist appointment. Three hours and one allergy panel later we had some news. Soy and wheat were the culprits and those bags under her eyes? Allergy related, which explains why they’re constantly there regardless of the 20 hours of sleep she got the day before.

And so we embarked on a mission per the allergist’s instruction: cut the soy and wheat from her diet then re-introduce it to see the reaction. Which we did and both soy and wheat are triggers. So now we are positive.

Cutting the soy and wheat has really been a humongous blessing to our family. It requires planning, fresh fruits and vegetables and absolutely no eating out. These are all beneficial things for the entire family that we’ve needed to do regardless of allergies.

So now we know what’s causing that angry rash and how to finally give her relief.

Word on the street is that children typically outgrow these types of allergies so she’ll get re-tested every six months to see if there’s any change.

We couldn’t be more grateful for our doctor who listened and pointed us in the right direction, as always. Because of that we were referred to a great allergist who gave us a definitive answer and a relatively easy fix. It just happened to be a bonus that it came with the added benefit of forcing our family into healthier eating habits. And of course I’m glad that I am no longer feeding my child something she’s allergic to everyday.

And for that, I am grateful.


One thought on “Grateful for: Allergies

  1. Nancy Wright says:

    Glad you are taking the right attitude. It’s easy to say poor me, look at all the work, etc. Plus I’m glad it is just soy and wheat and hopefully by catching it this early, Gwyn will be happy being rash free plus she will probably outgrow it. Really good for you all to eat the fruits & veggies, plus thank you for making me aware of how many products contain 1 or both ingredients.
    Love to you all


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