Baby It’s Cold Outside

On Sunday Gwyneth and I played outside while trying to outrun the quickly dropping temperatures. After having a tea party in her cabin, riding her bike on the chalk road, chasing each other through the yard and too many rounds of Ring Around the Rosie to count she refused to come inside.

That was until I mentioned hot cocoa.

We came inside and whipped up a batch of cocoa and I presented her with a candy cane to stir in her hot chocolate. The kid DEVOURED that thing. Drooling red peppermint slobber like she lost the ability to swallow while simultaneously biting and chewing the thing like it was a breadstick. Once she got about 3/4 of the way done (in a 45-second span) we reminded her of the hot cocoa. She then treated the candy cane like a licorice straw. Genius little girl. How amazing would a candy cane hot cocoa straw be? Except hot cocoa’s hot and only weirdos drink hot beverages out of straws. Or rich women, I always noticed rich women drank their drinks out of straws when I worked at Starbucks. Perhaps having to do with lipstick? Do rich women wear lipstick? Apparently in mind they go hand in hand.

Back to the candy cane. It was really something to remember, Gwyneth meeting the candy cane.

She followed this up by chugging her hot cocoa in a single breath.

Since then the temperatures have plummeted and the skies opened up and romantically dusted our lives in inches upon inches of snow on Monday. Typically when we get a snowstorm it blows in through the night so you never get to see the actual snow itself. Not this one, it graced us with snow all morning long and into the afternoon. It was magical.

Each time we play in the snow I feel as if it is a sin to not enjoy a cup of hot cocoa afterwards. Even if I don’t have the time and make a disaster of our kitchen (we use this recipe here as of late with the whole allergy situation). It just seems to make the world right following up the snow with hot cocoa.

And of course you have to go heavy on the marshmallows. I bought a bag of marshmallows in preparation for some guests we might be having over the weekend. The plan is for it to go atop hot chocolate. But apparently I really enjoy marshmallows, and Gwen does too and well, lets just say they may not make it to the weekend. Which may give me the perfect excuse to purchase the peppermint marshmallows I spied on the shelves.

And check out our snowmen! Gwyneth has talked nonstop about snowmen since the snow began falling. We even have a snowman kit I’ve had for years and not enough snow to use it for. Problem is the snow is too powdery to ball up, so I’ve been unable to make one with her. So we came up with a solution: little snowmen made from a solo cup. And what? No, those aren’t baby socks as hats. Pffft. Or wait, is that ingenious? Pin it! I just thank god they could hold a carrot and some of the little buttons from the snowman kit as eyes. Even then, Gwyneth was very upset about their lack of mouths. The raisins just wouldn’t stick.

Funny thing is I have about five different snowsuits for Norah but not a single one for Gwyneth (who actually needs one). Oh the irony.


All of this fun in the snow is going on during this little girl’s nap times. That’s Norah, incase you’re confused and think it might be an older picture of Gwyneth because that’s easy to do. I was going through iphoto pictures and happened upon the faces function where it has you confirm or deny what it thinks are faces it recognizes. It blew my mind how many photos of Norah it thought was Gwyneth and furthermore, how many that seriously had me scratching my head wondering which girl it really was.

And, well, that’s all I have to say about snow and hot cocoa, apparently.


2 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Outside

  1. Aramelle {One Wheeler's World} says:

    Annnd now I want hot chocolate.
    Also, your a genius with the solo cup thing. I got sent home early because of the storm (which did not seem graceful or magical during my commute, might I add lol), and the kiddo and I spent a couple of hours playing out in the snow. He was quite annoyed at the lack of snowball making possibilities.

    • Lauren says:

      You’re too kind Aramelle. The only reason I came up with the solo cup was because it came out of the salt bag. And man, bummer about the commute! I can only imagine. Thanks for stopping by!

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