Just the Two of Us


Gwyneth adores Norah. Norah adores Gwyneth. In the morning they sit across the breakfast table and smile at each other. Gwyneth requests Norah to come play in her crib when she wakes up. Norah was inconsolable during Thanksgiving until Gwen sat down and talked to her. Seeing the two of them together made me call my sister and mend a few broken bridges. That is how big of a sisterly thing they’ve got going on. I want to believe this is why I didn’t notice Gwyneth was in need of alone time. She’s just so smitten with her sister it’s hard to think she could benefit from her not being around for an afternoon.

That being said, Norah has been kind of needy lately and taking up quite a bit of my time. Gwyneth is left to entertain herself. Naturally Gwen has been acting out in various little ways here or there that made us take notice and evaluate things. This brought on the realization that Gwyneth and I have never had any alone time since Norah was born. Don’t get me wrong, when Norah naps, Gwen and I spend time as just the two of us. But Norah currently believes sneaking in little naps while nursing qualify as napping. This leaves Gwen and I with no alone time whatsoever, hence Gwyneth’s behavior. Who would’ve thought parenting would require so much sleuthing and problem solving? It’s exhausting.

We have two passes to the children’s museum gifted to us that are expiring soon so I left Norah to Jake and away Gwyneth and I went on our date, if you will.


We spent two hours at the museum where Gwyneth sampled everything they had to offer. In the first half hour she got herself stuck at the top of the cloud and I (as we feared since the day we saw the cloud structure) had to climb up and retrieve her. That cloud thing is confusing. I can only imagine being a two-year-old in it, because I needed the guidance of an employee to figure out how to get up and down.

*FYI: the black edges of the cloud signify the places you use to get up and down. Thank you kind museum volunteer, for that tip.

Anyways, after the museum kicked us out I checked in on Norah and her father to make sure he wasn’t dealing with an angry and hungry baby. Assured this was not the case, we took the opportunity to prolong our enjoyment with a stop at Starbucks, because I have an emotional attachment to the overpriced espresso beverages and think it’s adorable that Gwyneth thinks her milk is coffee.

Allow me to say this: one kid is a piece of cake. It takes having two kids to realize this and by then it’s too late to truly enjoy that whole one kid business.

It was a swell time with that goofy little girl of mine. It was nice to not have to tell her that I couldn’t play catch with her because I’m holding the baby or making her wait for something because I have to feed the baby. It was a treat for the both of us and I can foresee many more dates like this in the future. Especially since her sister decided to take a bottle like a boss, finally.


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