There Will be Parties For Hosting

This year for Christmas we are driving down to my parent’s house in Las Vegas. It’s kind of a big deal as my family hasn’t been together for a holiday in years. As in we’ve added three family members to the family since the last time (in 2010, you can read about it here).

This means that we won’t be celebrating with the Sunderland side of the family which is why way back in August or September I planned for us to celebrate with them a few weeks beforehand. Because really, you just can’t deprive the grandparents of seeing their grandchildren open their Christmas presents. It doesn’t seem right.


Last weekend we had hot cocoa and cookies with Jake’s mom, grandmother, sister and our soon-to-be  brother-in-law. It was a swell little get together with grandmas spoiling their grandchildren left and right.


This weekend more of the family came over for a festive brunch that consisted of crepes and all the toppings your heart desires. We exchanged presents and enjoyed each others company in the way that holidays evoke such happenings.

Don’t you just love the holidays and the merriment they bring?

Norah even let her grandmother and other people than her mother hold her!

Now we get to begin stressing about our travels to Las Vegas. Oh mama, that drive. It’ll be a far cry from the college days of yore when we’d make the trek as a caravan of college students every winter break.


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