This week has been quite the shitty one. While Jake currently resides in the hospital, sharing a room with an 88 year old, my in-laws are here performing the juggling act of watching two girls (one of which is sick) and filling in for me at the hospital.

There’s nothing like a crisis such as this to remind you that you have a support system ready and willing to help, all you need to do is ask. This week’s pictures below are a testament to that.

Thank you to everyone who has made this week more bearable. A million times thank you.












One thought on “Insta-Friday

  1. Nancy Wright says:

    Lauren, I am so glad that you have the wonderful support, family is wonderful. Hope Jake is on his way to his last day in the hospital. Keep us informed, please, we are very concerned. The girls look adorable and I also hope Gwyn is getting over her illness as well. Our thoughts and good wishes are with you. Give Jake our love.

    Love Grandma

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