Gwyneth’s 3rd Birthday

We were quite concerned about Gwyneth’s 3rd birthday. You see, life has a been a bit hairy lately so we put her birthday party on hold. We thought about doing it in February. Then came her actual birthday, January 14th a Tuesday. Turns out if you already have everything for a party it’s really easy to just have one, regardless of if it’s planned or not.



While you’d think the giant Mickey Mouse thing on the wall would be the highlight, this girl absolutely loved the polka dot balloons. Like love love loved them and won’t stop talking about them. IMG_9976

“Mickey has white buttons!”


IMG_9996A stack of Mickey Mouse pancakes for breakfast. She wouldn’t touch the ones that the candle had gone through. Oh sweet, finicky Gwyneth.

We capitalized on the fact that her grandparents were going to be in town watching her while we took Jake to a doctor’s appointment. Sadly, not pictured in this post are any photos of her grandparents who came and took Gwen out to lunch and then spent hours upon hours with her at the Discovery Museum where she ran up and down the cloud a thousand times and exhausted options I didn’t even know existed at the museum. While they were there, Norah blessed me with a nice long nap and I was able to transform the dining room into a nice little Mickey party.


Please not the ginormous tumbling mat on the floor. Like Gymboree style.




Gwen can’t have soy or wheat. We’ve adapted our lifestyle to reflect that, somewhat gracefully I like to tell myself. But cake is my nemesis when it comes to this situation. All I wanted to do was pickup one cupcake from a store. This isn’t an option, so late Monday night had us scouring the internet. I made a recipe with coconut flour that Gwen didn’t like over Christmas so this time I went a different route involving almond flour and agave nectar. While I found them to be gross, Gwen seemed to like them, so yay!








IMG_0086I’m so bummed we don’t have any photos of her grandparents!

So what we thought may have been an overshadowed third birthday turned out to be a special day where family and friends (and a lot of frantic decorating) made sure this little girl knows she’s celebrated.

Happy Third Birthday Gwyneth!


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