Favorite Outfits

While going through the girls’ clothes and sorting, rotating and taking inventory of what doesn’t fit anymore I have discovered a common problem that occurs; I just can’t bring myself to pack away my favorite outfits. When I put clothes in a box they are ultimately being packed away to be handed down to the next lucky person to be blessed with a baby girl. Most things get chucked in them without so much as a second thought (I’m talking to you, baby gowns and pajamas with snaps) but some things pull at my heart strings and have me sniffing and snuggling a onesie and noticing myself staring out the window longingly.

Do I hold onto the outfits for sentimental reasons, to possibly give to my girls when they someday have children of their own? Keep them to maybe pull out of a box when they’re being snotty tweens to remember them when they’re babies? Giving them away just seems inhumane to me at this point and a box full of outfits is hardly too much to ask for as far as storage space is concernced. I have a snowboard from 1995 sitting in a rafter for crying out loud.

While I ferret away all sorts of baby’s first holiday paraphernalia, I’m also trying to take pictures of the girls actually wearing these outfits so when I do pull them out of a box, even though I’m sure my memory will take me right back to remembering little 6-month-old Norah sporting the cute outfit on all those exciting trips to Costco, when people swooned over her as if she was the last remaining baby on the planet Earth, I’ll have a nice little photo to aid my memory as the years pass.

This little sister ensemble is one of those very outfits. With Norah I have a specific two or three little matching onesie and pant combos that I’ll put her in when the occasion calls for a little something more than the fleece footie pajamas she lives in around the house.

Matching polka dot pants with ruffles on the butt and mock shoes on the feet fit the bill perfectly.







One thought on “Favorite Outfits

  1. Nancy Wright says:

    The last picture of Norah leaves a lot open to what you may think she is thinking. Ranging from just another “mom” thing to superior attitude and just what princess honors I am due at this time. The other pictures are cute 6 month I’m up for picture time. Keep them coming, keeps my day enjoyable. Gwyn could always hold up a collage of past holiday items???

    Love Grandma

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