Gwyneth’s Favorite Outfit

IMG_0332Remember this kid? She’s a little more difficult to photograph these days and when I do get a picture of her it’s with the reluctant “moooooomm” cheese face. And we won’t mention how I’m constantly trying to avoid her bed head, which seems to be a permanent fixture nowadays. So when we got dressed to head to story time at the library today I snuck her out front and this little fashion photo shoot just kind of happened. I’m not sure if having her pose is creepy or not? Cute, but maybe a bit fashion blogger for my liking.

Back to the outfit! Gwen’s snazzy little pea coat was a last minute thing we just happened to grab while at Target because she needed a winter coat. It happens to be the gosh darn cutest thing that she loves to wear. Her boots and pants are a part of the ensemble I bought for family pictures with the intention of returning after them. Long story short, I got stuck eating the $50 toddler outfit, but we’ve gotten our money’s worth from the boots for sure. Sadly I think she’s outgrown them already, even though there are still 6 more weeks left in winter.



And while anyone with a preschooler (is that what we call three year olds?) knows, they have their own preferences. Gwyneth’s current obsession is her “smart cookie” shirt. While she wasn’t interested in wearing my glasses to match her shirt for effect, she was more than happy to pick up her anatomy book. I can’t make this stuff up folks.  IMG_0321The peanut butter smudged throughout it is just an added bonus.


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