What’s Going On Ms. Norah?



On Friday night Norah couldn’t sleep. She was angry, upset and clearly agitated because she  wanted to be asleep as much as her father and I did. We administered the Advil under the guise of teething, waited for it to take effect and then we all went to bed.

The next day she was one cranky little girl. The thing is, I didn’t recognize her crankiness  she’s never really fussed about anything that can’t be remedied by a diaper change, her mother or a boob before this occasion. This little whiny girl who wasn’t happy no matter what you did was new territory. She didn’t even want to nurse!

In the world of babydom you must guess at what the problem is and you’re desperate for an answer so you can fix it. We always fall back on the “teething” or ear infection card. Can’t sleep? Must be teething or an ear infection. Runny nose? Teething. Fell and bonked your head? Must be teething, or an ear infection. Lets just say I’ve been to the doctor far too many times since December to have her ears looked at, so this time I knew enough that it in fact wasn’t an ear infection. The kid was drooling more than normal and everything went in her mouth within a 5 foot radius of her. It was all accompanied by a cute little runny nose.


Yea, it turned out to be a cold. That cute little runny nose turned into an annoying, boogie wipe needing faucet and she turned into a giant mess come bedtime and nursing time. Babies + stuffy noses = the end of their world.

Babies man, I’m telling you, they are tough cookies to break. Speaking of which, I am dying for a cookie or cake. Walking past the Valentine’s Day bakery section just about did me in. So many cakes and lard-filled sugar cookies. I wanted to eat every single one.

And then Gwen puked in bed at 1 am on Sunday evening. This is the second time it’s happened in two weeks. Weird and fun to clean up!

Anyways, I thought the past six months were hard in regards to Norah. Then I think about how that was without her hardly ever being “fussy” and now I’m scared.
IMG_0391How’s that for a random post? The photos just make it even more so. How’s your Monday?



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