While we are currently in Las Vegas the girls get to play with the toys my mom has so diligently preserved from our childhood as well as the collections she has accrued throughout the years, as grandparents are prone to doing. But who are we kidding? My parents never stopped having fun stuff for children at their house even when they didn’t have grand kids. It’s kind of their gig, being the fun house for both children and adults. They do live in Las Vegas after all.

The main hit are the Little Peoples, the original Little Peoples that are small and that some kid somewhere probably choked on which lead to them being big nowadays. My parents have the entire set, complete with all the little add-ons that I know I would’ve managed to lose in the first year I had them. They hold a place in my memory and of every child that has come through my parents’ doors.

When Dad went out to the garage and got down the box of peoples you bet we were excited.

Norah has spent the majority of her time playing baby Godzilla destroying anything in her wake and immediately putting in her mouth while Gwyneth sits and turns the elevator on the parking garage no more than a hundred times per day. Our days are filled with a “ding ding ding” as she ferries the car from the first floor to the third time and time again.








  IMG_0953  IMG_0923



You should hear the crazy things going on daily with these Little Peoples. Trap doors in the western village, setting up the house with the babies and parents ever so carefully and putting everyone safely on the swings in the park. It’s fun for both the adults and Gwen.

Makes me rethink my frustration I have over our own little collection of the peoples we have going on at home. These things don’t fit nicely into a toy box and are always all over the place. Then you look at these toys my mom has kept together and in working order for thirty years and how they’ve been used so much throughout those years. It’s hard to think of what a bummer it’d be if they were donated to Goodwill on some binge.

So I guess this means we’ll be hoarding our toys from here on out, or at the very least we’ll be clinging to our Little Peoples.


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