The Great Picture Injustice

I’ve always been a bit worried that I take more pictures of Norah than Gwyneth. I mean, she’s much easier to catch and get a smile from than Speedy Gonzalez Gwyneth who will reluctantly avoid eye contact with the camera while gritting her teeth grumbling, “cheeeeeeeese.”

When I was uploading photos from my memory card I became very aware of the fact that there were many more pictures of Norah than Gwyneth. This is mainly because we did an official little First St. Patrick’s Day photo shoot which required  an exploratory find-a-good-backdrop  shoot prior. This equates to a lot of pictures with Norah sitting up, looking and smiling for the camera.



After flagging a few pictures to share on Facebook I went to post them and naturally began to feel guilty. This is where the plot thickens. While choosing Gwyneth photos I was reluctant to throw them on Facebook because most had a story to tell and I prefer to save for those for the blog, where I can tell the story.



And then it dawned on me.

While Gwyneth might not have as many portrait style photos as Norah, she has her fair share of her in action. Her pictures aren’t perfect because she’s a three-year-old. She doesn’t sit still, she is independent and will smile when and how she chooses. That’s just the stage she’s in. And what would you know? Her pictures reflect every ounce of her being, especially when she’s not looking at the camera and talking instead of smiling.

So while Norah being all cute and smiley pictures do exist and are currently at a far greater volume than ones of Gwyneth, there’s a reason for that. And of course, if we were to look back to pictures of Gwyneth around the same age I’m sure we’d find the same volume, but that’s not the point here. The point is that there’s a reason for the current injustice. It’s not because I love one more than the other, like my guilty mom mind is paranoid of. Nope, not the case at all. It’s simply because they’re three-year-old and seven-month-old girls who are very different stages of their lives, which is exactly what I’m documenting which is exactly the point of documenting.

I will now print this philosophy out and put it in each of their baby books so when they’re older and care to whine about how many more photos of one or the other there are I can refer them to read their mother’s written word. Especially since we all know that your mother is always right, especially when it’s documented.


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