We’re Going to a Castle

When thinking of things to do in Las Vegas it was safe to assume the three-year-old would enjoy a cruise down the strip. After sitting in traffic for awhile with a cranky and crying Norah, we made it to Tropicana Avenue which is the corner of New York New York, MGM, The Excalibur.

The entire time Gwyneth could care less about all the glitz and glamour  the strip had to offer. But when she laid eyes upon the Excalibur she had discovered her one mission in life; to go inside that castle. The bad news was it was late, we were all hungry and tired and needed to get home so as we drove past the castle we listened to an overexcited Gwyneth whine one million times how she wanted to go inside that castle.

And that’s how we came upon our little date to the castle.  We left the baby at home and were footloose and fancy free to go inside that castle.





And hark! This castle had a “Fun Dungeon” with which we partook in all sorts of fun games. A lovely lady bestowed upon us a handful of tickets which we cashed in for all sorts of useless crap that broke before we even got home, as is standard in fun dungeons.




IMG_1421I hope it lived up to her expectations. I’m not necessarily sure what a three-year-old imagines the inside of a castle to be like, but there surely weren’t any arcades or flashing lights in any of the real castles I’ve ever been in. I hope this doesn’t set her up for disappointment when she travels the world and walks into Versailles only to say, “where’s the arcade?”


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