Pink Kitchens & Bunny Feet

Today I had a lot of plans. They included walking down to the park, going to the grocery store and mopping the floors. All of these things happen to require a lot of work and after a particularly long night last night, I can barely muster the energy to drink yet another cup of tea let alone get all three of us dressed and out the door. So instead I dressed up Norah in an outfit with bunny feet that happened to be floating around in her drawer of clothes when I was changing her. This naturally led to me taking pictures of her in front of a pink kitchen that I’ve been meaning to sell. The rest is history.
IMG_2002 IMG_2395 IMG_2366 IMG_2361 IMG_2330 IMG_2300 IMG_2259 IMG_2252 IMG_2235

IMG_2358 IMG_2223 IMG_2188 IMG_2142 IMG_2133 IMG_2105 IMG_2100 IMG_2086 IMG_2073 IMG_2039 IMG_2016 IMG_2007It’d appear is if we’ve hit the “stink face” stage. Also of note check out that tooth! A tooth! We all worked very hard for that sharp little thing (ouch says her mother). And Gwyneth just happened to put her Easter dress on when changing out of a Curious George shirt for who knows what reason. It is on backwards and still makes me jealous it’s not in my size. She also wore it for Thanksgiving. So it’s kind of a holiday dress, not just exclusively Easter. Even though my Grandma bought it for her for Easter. In October. (Love you Grandma!)

*SOLD to a very pregnant woman expecting a baby girl. *And while we’re at it, how about we just kill two birds with one stone. The pink kitchen can be yours for only $85! But wait! There’s more! It’s made of wood! Quality! Cute! Fun! *




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