Meeting the Easter Bunny {2014}

Our local library outdid themselves with this cute little Easter Bunny story time. They had crafts, snacks, led the kids on an easter egg hunt in the library and let them meet the Easter Bunny. They even attempted to actually read a book, bless their hearts.

Both the girls were smitten and not at all traumatized, which is always a plus when subjecting them to such things.   IMG_2520IMG_2515 IMG_2516
IMG_2518I think my favorite part is Gwen’s classic banged up shins in contrast to her pretty dress. Or Norah’s owning of the bunny’s scarf. Or the fact that my mom has a decoration from the 80s that has the same Crayola bunny on it. I clearly just really like the whole situation going on here.


2 thoughts on “Meeting the Easter Bunny {2014}

  1. Nancy Wright says:

    This is absolutely a wonderful set of pictures. The girls are so obviously pleased with the bunny and totally intrigued about him/her in particular. NO FEAR is definitely obvious in their attitudes. To the girls and the library for making a delightful, happy Easter picture.

    Love Great-grandma who loved these pictures.

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