Video productions I


Life Chronicles Video Production

For every person facing a serious illness or end of life, LifeChronicles creates video recordings that:

  • Capture a person’s essence; the sound of their laughter, the inflections in their voice, the twinkle in their eyes, the radiance of their smile, even the way in which they move their hands.
  • Allow families to take a moment in time to share expressions of love, support and gratitude which, as the years go by, will make a positive impact on those who remain.
  • Bring peace of mind and a sense of well-being for the time that is left.
  • Provide meaningful opportunities to say the things that matter most as a lasting legacy.

The mission of Thru My Eyes is to give individuals living with a life-threatening illness the ability to create a living legacy with the help of a trained mental health professional, in the privacy of their own home at no cost.


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