A Full Tuesday

Who knows what it was. Maybe the fact that it was the first night in a week Norah slept through the night. Maybe it was the high of having a few uneventful days in a row. Whatever the reason, I woke up with a bee in my bonnet this morning and busted out a lovely, most-normal Tuesday to happen for as long as I can remember.

First, we began with getting Gwyneth off to school. Then Norah and I set off to our first outing with the MOMS club I signed up for months ago. Luck would have it, that today’s event was at the tulip farm. It was perfect weather, dry, not overcast and chilly enough for coats. IMG_0319IMG_0322

The two other women who made it to the event had girls Norah’s age. They tromped around the fields, played on everything imaginable and had a great time. IMG_0326IMG_0334IMG_0344

Then we went and picked Gwyneth up from school. Not before Norah made me put her makeup on, as promised earlier that morning. Eyeshadow and shiny lipgloss were my doing, the tiara was all hers. Jake even joined us for school pickup!IMG_2885As Jake napped and Chris ran to pickup some running shoes, the girls and I threw together dinner. Gwyneth got really into things as she mixed the cheese sauce for the mac and cheese. IMG_9303IMG_9306IMG_9313IMG_9315IMG_9316IMG_9322IMG_9325

She rode that high up until it came time to eat. I don’t want to talk about what happened after the buildup of setting the table and actually eating dinner.


Nothing a bit of Bobs Burger with daddy on the couch can’t fix. IMG_9330IMG_0357

By the time bath time rolled around, we were all ready for bed. Sigh, I miss days like today.


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