Thursday is for Peeps & No Pants

Today begun with Gwyneth being sent off to school. Because I was in Norah’s bed where I had migrated to during the night I woke up to Chris waking up Gwyneth for school, . Of course I had no pants on. I had to perfectly time getting out of bed when Chris was in the bathroom getting Gwyneth ready. The morning was a relaxing few hours as Jake, Norah and I vegged about the living room and Chris contemplated leaving to Bill’s. It had seemed like a grand plan when we made it two days ago. Then Wednesday happened. A palliative care appointment wiped Jake and my asses out, thanks to the killer three hours of driving it took to get to and from it. Not to mention the blood sugar debacle that left Jake an argumentative lethargic mess with me to pick up the pieces. I took a four hour nap once I got Jake to take his insulin, he napped and came through the other side a reasonable human being.

It was a bad day.

Today, on the other hand, went so well that I told Chris he could confidently go to Bill’s.

And then we rocked the damn day.


Norah and I went to Target and Jake went downtown to shop for an outfit for our photo shoot this Friday.


Norah drove a hard bargain today. “Just Target.” And then she demanded a smoothie. IMG_0371

Then we got an Easter package from my mom.

We had pizza for dinner, I was a tyrant with bath/bed time and tucked those kids into bed at 8:30 pm sharp.

Boom, baby.



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