Tulip Photos

17854793_1511126375565239_7165236053260790015_o17880305_1511125455565331_3189824099650789323_o17880581_1511126465565230_2365825795333951797_o17917835_1511153738895836_8912237685179225507_o17917881_1511124712232072_5263289147202861481_oMOMS Club. Oh, how it holds a lot of fears and resentment from my forlorn and lonesome Reno days. For some reason (I desperately need friends), in January I decided to join the Salem MOMS club. I paid my dues and set out to become an active member in the club. I immediately read the book for the book club and knew this group would be different. The book was hilarious and totally inappropriate.

I didn’t go to the book club. I remember feeling guilty leaving Jake with the girls for the evening. And I was totally nervous about stepping into a stranger’s home and meeting new people. Time and time again I managed to miss event after event.

I have, however had an online presence and connected with a few of the women. One of who’s husbands has cancer. We’ve kept in touch and checked in on each other (her more than I) and we both happened to finally meet up at the Tulip Festival. One other woman was there during the beginning of the day but had to leave for the afternoon. This left the Natasha and I the entire morning getting to know each other as our little girls played in the tulips.

She also happened to take awesome photos while we were there.

It was refreshing for the soul to connect with someone in more ways than one.




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