Gwyneth Loses a Tooth


While rough housing with Norah on our bed, Gwyneth bonked herself in the mouth with her knee. Her incredibly loose tooth began bleeding and she immediately freaked out. With Jake being nauseous all day, we weren’t quite sure how this was going to play out, seeing as nothing grosses me out more than a child’s losing of a tooth. They went into the bathroom to rinse her mouth out. She did so with a complete look of horror as her and Jake tried to figure out the next best step.

“You have to pull it out.” I told Jake, as Gwyneth sit in front of the mirror. “Ok, we’ll need a paper towel for that,” he said.

Gwyneth sat patiently at the kitchen table with her mouth bleeding and a paper towel in her hand. I walked up and tried to pull it using the paper towels and managed to pull on her lip instead. Annoyed, she took the paper towel away from my hand and pulled the tooth out herself. Just like the other 2 she’s lost.

All night she said in amazement, “I can’t believe I lost my third tooth! What do you think the tooth fairy will bring me? She’s brought my money before but I wonder if she’ll bring a toy this time.”

“Wait, what? A toy?”

“Yea, you said before that sometimes tooth fairies bring toys or money.”




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