Seeds of Hope

When Jake was sick and I was freaking out over a local palliative care and hospice, a woman from Willamete Valley Hospice (a terrible organization that Kaiser says is our only option here in town, which I refuse to accept) came, took our information, dismissed us and left us with one tidbit of informiation. There is a local nonprofit group called Seeds of Hope, that we should apply for. “They take care of literally anything,” she said. She sent us an application a few days later. After a month passed and I was more worried about my husband dying, than asking for handouts, she called because I hadn’t filled out the application. So I filled it out. I asked for them to pay for Norah’s preschool or a new mattress. Weeks later a woman asked if she could come by with things to deliver. She dropped off baskets of toys for the girls, full of tailored things just for them. Movies, Barbie toys for Norah and art supplies for Gwen. Meanwhile our basket was chock full of gas gift cards, grocery store gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, a warm masculine blanket, towels, an lovely delicate lace Scentsy wax warmer that says “Hope” on it and plenty of Star Wars paraphernalia, including the most recent film. Not to be forgotten is a gift certificate for $1,000 to go towards a new bed.

It was so incredibly thoughtful and generous, I still to this day am not sure how to ever express the gratitude I felt for the time and generosity it took to put these things together for us.

As she was hanging out in our living room, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, the woman who dropped these things off asked if we needed anything else. Coming off of an all-expense paid trip to Disneyland, and our immediate bills being met, I felt beyond entitled that we were even receiving this gifts, so responded, “Oh, no, we’re just fine. We just went to Disneyland!” Meanwhile Gwyneth being Gwyneth (and a lack of politeness towards adults, with which we are working on) shouted out in her excitement of having toys delivered to her by a stranger (which is far too commonplace nowadays) “I WANT TO GO TO THE BEACH!” We laughed, shrugged, exchanged the proper pleasantries and off the woman drove to her bridal shower she stopped on her way to.

As we were sorting out which bed we’d like to get and how to get the payment from the non-profit, the woman we were in contact with mentioned a woman whose name I now forget, would be contacting me. Sure enough within a day a woman had texted and asked if someday that week she’d be able to drop something off for our family. We arranged a good time and Jake and I joked about what they could possibly be giving us. Hadn’t they given us enough already? Jake mentioned that Gwyneth had said she wanted to go to the beach, maybe they were bringing us a trip to the beach! Ha, wouldn’t that be a hoot!

And then a woman stopped by on her way home from work, and delivered an envelope with certificates for a 2 nights stay at an oceanside resort in Lincoln City, a city an hour west, that’s on the Oregon Coast. In that envelope were also gift cards to various restaurants as well as more than enough gift cards for gas to get there. Every detail had been though out, down to the menus for each restaurant they had paid for our meals at.

I called and booked our reservation for the first weekend we had available.

Our favorite parts are as follows:

Jake: watching the sunset together from our hotel room the first night we got there.

Lauren: searching and finding fun things at the Tide Pools.

Gwyneth: swimming in the pool.



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